En lite hypnotisk film på (över? med?) en korsning i Hanoi i Vietnam. 30 minuter egentligen, men uppspeedat blir det nästan trolskt. Jag har tittat på den tre gånger nu… Speciellt vacker i slutet, när det börjar bli mörkt!

Från här:

But also notice that although there are road rules, traffic flows unlike anything I have experienced in the western world. What would otherwise be a head on collision is avoided without any discernible acknowledgement from either party, other than tooting. Ah yes tooting. Everyone, and I mean everyone, toots constantly. But it is not tooting in anger, it is purely a means of saying: ‘look out, here I come’ i.e. making your presence known. People did this in Samoa when overtaking i.e. a little toot so the driver you were passing knew you were about to come by. But in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi everyone toots at everyone, especially pedestrians. You read hints in guidebooks for Vietnam about how to cross a road there, but its worth noting in that video above how the pedestrians move. There is no waiting until the traffic stops or the lights change, because neither happen. You just have to wait for a brief pause and then start slowly walking, at a regular predictable pace, and the traffic that would otherwise hit you, will flow around you



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